It is important to have an image to improve your serve!Practice method to increase the probability of serve

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Even if the other shots get better,
Only serve does not improve,

I think there are many people who say that.


Players who do not improve their serve no matter how much they practice may not have the image of a serve.



For example, rather than practicing how to hit a spin serve, practicing with the image of forming the shape of an arch will increase the speed of improving the spin serve.


Rather than thinking about how to hit the serve, by imagining the trajectory of the serve, the body will move correctly.


If you are too particular about the correct way of hitting and you are not able to hit the serve well, please try the following hitting methods and practice methods.

Imagine the launch angle of the ball

The important thing to put in the serve is the launch angle of the ball.


For example, a flat serve for a person with a high hitting point will fly below parallel to the ground.


Players with low hitting points will have to hit above parallel to the ground and slow down.


If a tall player with a high hitting point launches the ball parallel to the ground, it will be over.


In this way, the launch angle of the serve depends on the height of the hitting point.


When the launch angle of the ball is stable, the serve is also stable.


There is also the advantage of seeing the ball to the end by being aware of the launch angle.


If you take your eyes off the ball early, the trajectory of the ball will be lower than you think.


As a result, the serve will fly towards the net.


If you try to hit the ball at the launch angle you want, you will naturally see the ball to the end.


Therefore, when hitting a serve, it will be easier to enter if you imagine the launch angle of the ball.


Practice to hit a target

Targeting practice is effective for stabilizing the launch angle of the ball.


It is a practice to make a target on a fence or wall and hit the ball there.


For example, hooking a racket cover on a fence will make it a target.


At first, aim from a close place, and gradually aim at a distant target.


This practice will help you to be aware of the launch angle of the ball and improve your serve control.

Imagine the rotation of the ball

To master the rotating serve, you have to create an image of spinning the ball with a racket.


For example, in the case of spin serve, create an image that gives vertical rotation by rubbing the ball vertically with a racket.


Hit the edge of the ball in a slice to create an image that draws a forming the shape of an arch orbit.


Slice serve is an image that gives horizontal rotation.


Hit the right edge of the ball in a slice.


The launch angle of the ball is the same as the flat serve, and the image is parallel to or slightly below the ground.


If you can understand the image that gives the ball rotation, the probability of serving will increase dramatically.


Then, I will introduce a practice method to understand the image of giving rotation to the ball.


Practice understanding rotation with a balance ball

To practice spinning the ball, use a large ball such as a balance ball.


It is a practice to have a partner hold the ball and rotate the balance ball with a racket.4


The partner holds the left and right sides of the balance ball during spin serve and the top and bottom of the balance ball during slice serve.


Then, the player slowly rotates the balance ball with the racket.


In this practice, you can experience the angle at which the racket should be moved to rotate the ball.

Hit the serve only conscious of rotating

When no one has the ball, you aim at the wall or fence and hit the serve only with the consciousness of rotating.


You don’t have to fly a ball far away.


Give the ball a spin and just make sure it is spinning.


Start at a short distance and gradually increase the distance, while you make sure the serve is spinning.


Spin serve is a forming the shape of an arch orbit, and slice serve is a orbit that turns from right to left.



To improve your serve, it is important to imagine the trajectory and rotation of the ball.


Even if you practice only the basic method of hitting, it is difficult to hit various courses or hit a serve with rotation.


Having an image of rotation and launch angle makes it easier to hit in the intended direction or hit a spin serve.


By all means, please practice the method introduced, grasp the image of serve, and increase the probability of serve!

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