What is an effective way to practice tennis alone?

tennis doubles



You don’t have any friends to practice with, but you want to practice.


Anyone who wants to improve their tennis will think so.



Would you like to practice alone at home, progress in tennis and prove your peer wrong?


At such times, I think many people hit a ball against the wall.


But even if you practice vaguely hitting a ball against the wall, don’t you have trouble that you can’t continue?


Or you often don’t have the right wall in your neighborhood.


Here, we will tell you how to hit a ball against the wall efficiently and how to practice alone at home.

there is a place to hit the ball on the wall

tennis doubles

The most popular way to practice alone is to hit a ball against the wall.


You can practice hitting the ball against the wall with a racket and one ball.


If there is a wall to hit the ball on the court in the neighborhood, it is effective to hit the ball against the wall.


Did you know that you can practice various shots by hitting the ball against the wall?


Hitting a ball against the wall by stroke


If there is a wall to hit the ball in your neighborhood, you can practice hitting the ball against the wall.


But, it is also ineffective to just practice hitting the ball against the wall.


The practice of hitting the ball against the wall is difficult to continue if you have poor control, and the ball cannot bounce if the slice rotation is applied.


In order to make the practice of hitting the ball against the wall efficient, it is good practice to mark the wall and aim.


This is because it is important to be aware of which position on the net you should aim for.


For example, the practice of hitting straight is aimed straight, but the practice of hitting cross is aimed diagonally.


If you aim diagonally, you will not return to yourself, but if you face diagonally and hit straight, you will return to yourself even in cross practice.


In serve practice and stroke practice,
Where to aim when hitting the center?
How high do you aim to hit the lob?
It will be a good practice to aim for various courses while being conscious.


It is also a good practice to hit the ball that you made one bounce by yourself instead of the ball that bounced off the wall and hit it while checking your hitting point.


A fast ball can be returned just by matching the faces of the racket, so
You tend to forget to swing and hit.


By hitting a slow ball that you bounce yourself, you can practice hitting at your own hitting point or swing and control.


It is more effective practice to hit the bouncing ball by yourself than to keep hitting the ball vaguely on the wall.


Smash towards the wall


If you smash and make one bounce in front of the wall,a ball like a medium lob will be returned.


You can continue smashing several times by smashing the ball in the same way.


Quick stance and the position of the hitting point are important for bouncing in front of the wall.


You are hitting the ball against the wall, so you have to hit one after another.


If the hitting point is delayed, you will not be able to continue smashing the ball towards the wall.


By hitting the smash continuously like this, you can get into the habit of smashing as soon as the lob goes up.


As a result, you can reduce mistakes that are delayed in practice.


For those who are not good at smashing, this practice is effective if there is a wall where you can hit the ball.


Volley towards the wall


You can also practice volleying from a distance of 1 to 2 meters from the wall.


It is a practice to volley against the wall.


If you hit the ball too hard, the volley will not continue, so try to hit it with a soft touch.


Practice at home

tennis doubles

You can’t hit the ball hard at home.


Therefore, it is effective to practice grasping the strength of the shot and to train the muscles that hit the ball by swinging.


Here are some effective practice methods that you can easily do at home.


Tennis ball lifting


From here, it is a solo practice other than hitting a ball against wall.


Lifting a soccer ball is to keep kicking the ball alone without dropping it on the ground.


Lifting a tennis ball is to keep hitthing the ball alone by the racket .


So you can practice lifting at home.


If you practice lifting with a racket, you will acquire touches such as drop volley.


It is an effective practice not only to simply lift, but also to pull the racket at the moment of impact and catch the ball so that it does not bounce.


You can get a sense of touch such as drop shots.


You can also learn how to rotate by using the snap of the wrist and lifting while rotating.


By hitthinng the ball with overspin or backspin, you can practice how to use your wrist when rotating the ball.


It’s difficult to lift while spinning, so you need to concentrate to keep going.


Furthermore, by hitting the front and back of the racket alternately, you can practice how to make the racket surface.


It is quite difficult to set the racket surface alternately on the front and back in a short time.


In this way, lifting is a practice that allows you to progress how to touch various balls such as spins, slices, and drop shots.


Roll the ball


By practicing placing the ball on the ground and rolling it while holding the ball from above with a racket, you will get the feeling of hitting a spin of a stroke.


You can put topspin by turning your palm down and using your wrist like a car wiper.


By rolling while holding the ball from above with a racket, your arm naturally turns inward.


This movement is the same as hitting a forehand spin.


You can get the feeling of twisting the arm inward, which is necessary to hit the forehand spin.


Attach the racket cover and swing


If you swing it with the racket cover attached, it will feel heavy due to air resistance.


Therefore, the muscles for swinging the racket are trained.


If the surface of the racket is correct, it should feel heavier.


The more correct the surface of the racket, the heavier it becomes, so it is also a check for swing.



Practice on the tennis court

tennis doubles

It’s a waste to spend time without practicing when your plan to play tennis with your friends is canceled or when your tennis friends don’t come easily.


If you have a lot of balls, you can practice serving or strokes on the court.


But when you only have one or two balls, it’s a hassle to go get them every time you hit them.


In such a case, it is efficient to practice hitting a ball against the net.


Practice hitting towards the fence


When you come to the tennis court and have only a few balls and no tennis companions, you can practice hitting a ball against the fence.


Instead of just hitting a ball against the fence, it is effective to practice setting a target and hitting it.


For example, if you hang the racket case on the fence, it will be a target.


Especially to stabilize the serve, it is important to hit at a fixed height.


Even if I practice serving alone on the court, you don’t know if the serve has been entered.


But, if you practice hitting the target, you can see for yourself whether the serve is good or bad.


I think it’s easy to improve the shot because you can see the result by yourself.

Attach the racket cover and swing

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