How to make progress your backhand shot?

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Many tennis players may not be good at backhand shots.


When hitting a backhand shot, it is difficult to apply force because it uses the muscle opposite to the dominant arm.



Therefore, if the hitting point is delayed, you have no strength left like a forehand shot, and you will only be able to hit a weak ball.


To make progress your backhand shot


  • Get ready early
  • Create a posture that allows you to hit firmly
  • Hitting at your own hitting point


These are more needed than forehand shots.


Especially for a single backhand, it is important to hit the hitting point in front of the double backhand.

Get ready early

In order to hit powerfully with the backhand, it is important to get ready quickly.


If you hit the ball with a delayed hitting point or if you do not have a good posture, you will not be able to apply any force and the ball will be weak.


In particular, single backhand shots have a hitting point before two-handed backhand shots.


Therefore, if the hitting point is delayed, you will not be able to hit at all.


Therefore, it is very important to pull the backswing early.


I think there are many people who backswing at the same time as the ball bounces.


But that’s too late.


It is best to make a backswing when you recognize the forehand or backhand.


If you chase the ball while taking back, you can prevent the swing delay.


Backswing time is longer than you think.


Hitting at your own hitting point

No matter how good your swing, you can’t hit a backhand shot unless you hit it at your hitting point.


If your hitting point is late or too far in front, the backhand will be harder to hit than the forehand.


Therefore, it is important to take back quickly and hit at the point where you can get the most power.


If you hit with double hands, the hitting point is in front of your right shoulder,


If you hit with single hand, the hitting point is 2 to 30 cm ahead of your right shoulder.


Please aim these as a guide.

Make a good posture to hit

In particular, single backhands are difficult to apply force, so it is necessary to utilize the force of weight transfer.


Therefore, it is necessary to make a good posture and swing with enough room to step on the right foot.


Single backhands are difficult to hit powerfully in an open stance.


So, step on with a closed stance so that you turn your back to the target.


In the case of a double backhand, you can support the racket with your left hand.


Therefore, even if the hitting point is delayed a little or you hit with an open stance, you can hit powerfully.


However, if you make a good striking posture and move your weight, you can hit a stronger ball.


Therefore, whether it is a double hand or a single hand,it is important to make progress your backhand by creating a quick striking posture and learning how to step on your right foot.



The backhand most often uses the opposite muscles to the dominant hand.


Therefore, if the hitting point or the hitting posture is wrong, it will be difficult to hit powerfully.


The knack to making progress your backhand is to speed up your takeback and get ready to hit quickly.


If the hitting points are off, you won’t hit a good ball no matter how good your swing is.


Check the hitting point that you put the most effort into, and practice to hit at that hitting point.

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