What are the advantages of topspin lob?




Topspin lobs have a difficult sense of distance.
I can’t hit unless I become an advanced player.

Don’t you are thinking so?


Certainly, you may think that the probability of failure is high because the way of flying changes depending on how much spin is applied.


The timing of hitting seems to be difficult.


But in fact, if you try it, it may be unexpectedly easy to hit.



Because you can hit it by applying the method of hitting topspin.


How to use the wrist is the same as topspin.


You can hit a lob just by swinging up the racket you were swinging before in topspin.


There are many benefits to using topspin lob.


In this article, I will introduce the advantages of topspin lob and tips on how to hit it.

Advantages of straight lobs


Hitting the topspin lob to a straight and flying over the front player’s head is likely to be an immediate ace.


This is because the ball spins and speeds up, and even after bouncing, the ball speeds up, so the back player cannot catch up after one bounce.


But don’t you are thinking that if you fail, you will be smashed by the front player?


Certainly, when lob gets shorter, smash is scary, isn’t it?


But, even if the topspin lob is shortened, it is surprisingly difficult to smash.


The reason is that it is difficult to get the timing of smash because the falling speed is fast.


Even if the lob gets shorter, your opponent can still make a smash mistake, so you can challenge without fear of failure.


Furthermore, if the topspin is firmly applied, there is no need to worry about overshooting.


As long as you get the hang of it, you can swing as much as you want, so it can be said that it is a shot with few mistakes.


Advantages of Cross lob


Topspin lobs also have an advantage on shots hitting to the cross court.


If you hit a topspin lob in the middle of the cross rally, it will bounce high and it will be difficult for the opponent’s back player to return.


You could also hit a topspin lob to make your opponent mis-hit and make your opponent hit an easy ball.


The height does not reach the front player, so there is no need to worry about volleying.


As you can see from these facts, Topspin lob has advantages no matter which course you hit.

How to hit topspin lob


How to hit Topspin lob is an application of Topspin.


Topspin swings diagonally forward, while Topspin lob swings straight up.


While keeping the racket surface perpendicular to the ground, swing the racket straight up and hit a ball.


In the follow-through, the racket comes over your head.


When swinging, you need to be careful that the racket does not come in front of your body.


The target position is about 2m above the opponent’s front player.


Therefore, an effective practice method is to swing in front of the wall.


You swing toward the wall by the wall, but if the racket comes out in front of the body, the racket will hit the wall.


You can acquire the swing of Topspin lob by swinging while being careful not to hit the wall with the racket.


Use the power of bending and stretching


When hitting a topspin lob, you need to go under the ball and aim at the bottom of the ball and hit it upwards.


Therefore, it is important to bend your legs on takeback and take a low posture.


If it is a ball that bounces high, you can hit it without bending your foot.


But, balls lower than the waist need to be hit from a low position.


Especially when hitting a low ball with a flat or slice rotation, the ball will not rise unless you hit it in a low position.


Impact in a low position and finish from impact to follow while stretching your bent legs.


By doing so, the bending and stretching force of the foot is transmitted to the ball, and the ball can be raised.

Low balls are hard to hit topspin lobs


It is difficult to hit the topspin lob on a ball with a low bounce in a slice type or a flat type.


The reason is that it is difficult to get under the ball.


Since the distance from takeback to impact is shortened, it becomes difficult for the swing to speed up and put topspin on a ball.


You shouldn’t force yourself to hit a topspin lob.


If you want to hit a lob, hitting a slice lob is easier to succeed.


Slices or low-struck flats are some of the weaknesses of topspin lob.



It seems difficult to hit a topspin lob, but it is a shot that is surprisingly easy to hit because it can be hit by applying topspin.


The way to hit is to swing the racket straight up while keeping the surface of the racket perpendicular to the ground.


It’s faster than slice lob, and it’s even faster after it falls, so it’s a difficult shot for your opponent.


If you hit to a straight and go over the front player’s head, you are more likely to become an ace immediately.


In addition, when used in a cross rally, it is difficult to hit with a high bounce, so it is a shot that has various merits such as being able to point by an opponent’s mistake or becoming an easy ball by a miss hit.


However, it also has the weakness that it is difficult to hit when the opponent’s ball is low.


If you want to hit topspin lob, why not try it when a ball higher than your waist comes?


If the ball bounces high and the area beyond the top of the bounce is higher than the waist, the topspin lob is easy to hit.


It’s a shot that is hard to be attacked by the opponent and it is easy to get points, so it is a shot that you want to master if you will take part in a game.

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